Let me just say that I LOVE all pies, and just coming off a recent pregnancy, I loved them a little more than I should have. That being said, I would choose Key Lime as my favorite pie of ALL in the wonderfully delicious world of pies.

1. General discussion of pie and its place in American food culture.
2. What makes a good pie crust? A few simple ingredients are combined to make a dough with complexities. Discussion of what makes a pie crust tender and flaky and what errors cause tough, dry pie dough that is difficult to handle.
3. Blind taste testing of crusts made with different types of fats.
4. Demonstration of methods for rolling a crust without tearing or swearing or using the rolling pin for anger management.
5. Demonstration of constructing an old fashioned, two-crust pie.
6. Students/guests make their own two-crust pie.
7. Discussion and demonstration of single crust pies, blind baking
8. Discussion and demonstration of pan-less pie dough applications: hand pies and turnovers
9. Eating pie!
See full instruction on : thepioneerwoman.com

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